The CW

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The CW Programming & History
HistoryFounded in 1993
Total Viewers (2016)1.8 million (#5)
Top SeriesThe Flash

The CW Network has never been able to generate Big Four viewership in its relatively short existence, but it has been home to countless cult classics and it has a rabid group of dedicated fans - many of them members of the highly coveted younger demographic. Many of the CW's most popular programs are based on super hero franchises, including: Supernatural, Super Girl, and The Flash. These programs have a built-in fan base. But, not all of the programming falls into this genre. The network also airs the critically acclaimed dramedy, Jane the Virgin, and a re-boot of the classic adult soap opera, Dynasty.

As with the country's other major networks, The CW and its management team understand that the viewing patterns and preferences of most of its audience have changed dramatically - and, in fact, these changes are even more pronounced for The CW, since its audience base is significantly younger. Many of these younger viewers do not want to sit down on a Monday night at 8 pm or a Thursday at 9pm to watch their favorite programs when they are broadcast. Instead, they want the freedom to watch these shows at times and in places that work in their schedules. In other words, they want viewing flexibility. And, as part of this flexibility, many of these viewers have cut the cable cord. Rather than having expensive contracts with cable providers, such as Comcast, they are choosing significantly lower priced streaming devices, such as a Roku Channel, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV.

Streaming The CW Online

To coordinate with these streaming devices, The CW has launched its own app. Like with most of its competitors' apps, The CW app allows users to access a wide variety of content, including almost all of the most recent episodes for its broadcast programs. And unlike with some of the apps that have a delay in when users can access new content, The CW app allows viewers to watch programs the same evening that they are broadcast - this means that a viewer does not have to worry about a friend or co-worker inadvertently spoiling the latest episode. This is a great perk for many tv aficionados who want to be up-to-date on all the latest.

There are some other benefits that set The CW app apart from the Big Four networks' apps. First of all, the app is entirely free-of-charge. All content can be accessed for free, which is a significant perk. And, even better, viewers are not limited to accessing content only on streaming devices. They can also view the latest programs on their mobile devices - offering even more enhanced viewing flexibility.

On the downside, there is less content available via The CW app than is seen with some of the other apps. For example, The CW does not offer viewers the option of watching some of its classic programs, and it also does not (at least at the moment) have original content on the app. However, this may change over time.