Watch Chicago Bulls Games Online

We show you how to stream Chicago Bulls online without blackouts.

It is absolutely possible to watch Chicago Bulls games online without cable TV service. You don't need to pay those high priced cable bills just to watch them. Usually their games are on Comcast SportsNet Chicago, but that will change based on schedule or prime-time games.

I know this for a fact because I DO IT. It's virtually painless to setup and completely legal.

Removing NBA Blackout Restrictions

Typically NBA games are shown on Cable TV-only networks like TBS, Fox Sports or NBC Sports Network. however, if you don't have those channels, watching these games is still possible, albeit with a little bit of work involved.

Watching NBA Online

If you are looking to stream NBA games online, you will need NBA League Pass and a VPN.

The NBA will attempt to blackout online streaming of Chicago Bulls games on if you are within the their home viewing area. This is a way for teams and local regional networks to retain their viewership numbers and by extension - their advertising dollars.

Luckily, there is a way for those of us that want to ditch Cable TV yet can't live without our Chicago Bulls games!!

ExpressVPN is a VPN service, which allows you to mask your home internet's IP address (this is how the teams determine if you are within their home "range" or not), which makes your home look like it is outside you home team's blackout area. ExpressVPN is my favorite service to get around regional blackouts. I have an account there, so I can personally vouch for it.

Removing Blackout Restrictions

* If you want to consider a different VPN service, you can view a more complete list here.

Are VPNs Legal?

When used for watching TV and your local sports teams, VPNs are not considered illegal in most countries (including the US) and anyone can use a VPN service to watch sports without fear of the police coming knocking at your door. The act of surfing the web or streaming shows through another IP is completely legal, and is something even the largest companies in the world do all the time. However, if you hide behind a VPN service to perform illegal activities, then you're of course violating the law - and we would never condone that.

Blackout Locations for the Chicago Bulls

If Comcast SportsNet Chicago is part of your cable package, then your location is subject to blackouts. This happens because the cable companies want you to pay for one of their premium packages which includes Comcast SportsNet Chicago. If you circumvent this blackout with a VPN, then you are still supporting your team (you still end up watching their feed), you just won't be lining the Cable Provider's pockets with your hard earned money anymore. Here is a short list of sample locations that are absolutely within the blackout area:

Chicago, IL 60688
Chicago, IL 60612
Chicago, IL 60696
Chicago, IL 60607
Chicago, IL 60622
Chicago, IL 60661
Chicago, IL 60642
Chicago, IL 60606
Chicago, IL 60686
Chicago, IL 60608
Chicago, IL 60689
Chicago, IL 60604
Chicago, IL 60602
Chicago, IL 60695
Chicago, IL 60603

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